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Pirkanmaa’s designated provincial lake, Längelmävesi, is located in the heart of Pirkanmaa, amidst the national landscapes of Orivesi and Kangasala. “And how over there, Längelmävesi shines in silver belts,” sings the famous song “Kesäpäivä Kangasalla” (Summer Day at Kangasala), romantic countryside landscapes and the clear-water lake have inspired artists throughout the centuries.

Along the route, you can explore unique art destinations and artists, including three well-known sculptors Aimo Tukiainen, Teemu Luoto, and Kimmo Pyykkö. Stop and let the landscapes and destinations inspire you! The route passes through diverse rural landscapes, lively villages, and culturally significant sites.

Along the route, there are several unique cafes and cyclist-friendly accommodation options. The route is also easily reachable by train.

Features: Core route
Travel recommendation: From a day route to a 2-day tour
Municipalities: Kangasala, Orivesi