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The Lake Trails offer a piece of Finland's most beautiful nature and an unforgettable trip for all nature lovers - hop on a bike and travel to enchanting peace surrounded by green forests and crystal clear waters.

Discover the best of Finnish countryside travel by bike along the Lake Trails

A bike ride into the tranquil countryside, with the wind sailing through your t-shirt and the sunshine twinkling in your eyes. Board a boat and from the deck, watch the rippling waves. Soon you’ll arrive. Follow a crunchy gravel path leading to a farmstead, where cosy accommodation and the call of a lakeside sauna await you. In the meadow, a herd of hoofed animals will greet you, and from the edge of the woods, you’ll hear the sweet melody of birdsong. A warm meal awaits your arrival, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna experience and a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the lake.

You can experience all this along the Lake Trails – shall we go?

Routes and destinations

Along the Lake Trails, you will find several different routes of varying lengths where you can enjoy the magnificent lake landscapes of Pirkanmaa, complete with saunas, exciting experiences on the waves, and rural gems with services. You can conveniently embark on your journey directly from the heart of Tampere – welcome to a natural paradise where beauty and tranquillity meet.

Enjoy the planned routes entirely on your bicycle or combine them with train and boat connections for your adventure, the choice is yours. You can also plan and customize your trip using the route planner below!


The Pyhä Lake Trails contain routes with many different highlights around each of them. Along the routes we have selected services suitable for...


The Näsi Lake Trails contain three core routes with many different highlights around each of them. Along the routes we have selected services...


Pirkanmaa’s designated provincial lake, Längelmävesi, is located in the heart of Pirkanmaa, amidst the national landscapes of Orivesi and Kangasala. “And how over...


The shimmering Lake Kyrösjärvi delights the traveller multiple times along this route, while the famous strawberry fields bring a sweet smile to your...


History, stories, and indulgence. The route offers numerous sacred sites and even an ascent to Pirunvuori (Devil’s Mountain). Magnificent landscapes and attractions, two...


A splendid destination for those who love peaceful and quiet roads! Stunning sandy beaches amidst the forest, space to be and breathe, the...


The waves of Lake Roine beckon the cyclist with its picturesque scenery. The ridges on the eastern side of the route present challenges...


The route passes through the northern part of Lake Vanajavesi and takes the cyclist along various attractions, including the art treasures of Visavuori,...

Tales & History

Discover the magnificent history of the area, as well as a collection of national artists, celebrities and interesting stories!

Supernatural Pyhä-Näsi Part II: Taneli Santala and Matti Mutila

Both Taneli Santala (1784–1848), dubbed “the great witch of Ruovesi”, who operated in Murole, and Matti Mutila (1780–1864), also known as ”the god of...

Supernatural Pyhä-Näsi Part I: Heikki and Hetastiina Hurstinen

The most famous of the witches of Ruovesi was no doubt Antti Lieroinen, also known as Liera, who was burned at the stake in...

Asunta-atelier and Naapuri of Ruovesi

During its one and a half century of existence, Naapuri has been packed with a one-of-a-kind quantity of cultural history: elite culture, underground culture,...

Travel tips and star destinations

Bike & boat adventure in Länsi-Teisko

The bike tour kicked off at the Kaffila restaurant in Aleksis Kiven katu for breakfast. June had been rather cool, but halfway through the...

The Maisemareitti trail – for those who love history

I was already familiar with the Maisemareitti trail from a few years ago when the July warmth embraced us with a cloudless sky. Now,...

Pyhä: Koko kierros – A journey of tranquil roads and nostalgic reminiscences

Tampere, the bustling regional hub and capital city of Finland’s Pirkanmaa region. Nestled at the heart of Pirkanmaa, where the two majestic lakes unite...

Combine boat and train connections as part of your adventure!


Cycle aboard!

Buy your ticket in advance from the online shop or from the Hopealinjat office in Tampere at Laukontori 10. The ticket is available for any route trip and segment….


Take your bike along and hop on a train!

Bicycles can conveniently be brought along on almost all domestic long-distance and commuter trains. For InterCity trains, it is necessary to reserve a separate spot for your bike in advance…


What would you think of taking a sauna in a yurt this summer?

We have gathered dozens of different saunas onto the maps of each route! Now you can choose whether you want to enjoy a barrel sauna, a yurt sauna, a beach sauna, a sauna on a boat (yes – there are saunas on them too), a smoke sauna, a log sauna, or any of the numerous other sauna options along the different routes of the Lake Trails.

You can find all the saunas by going to the map of your chosen route and clicking on “saunas”.

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