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Renting a bike

Contact the renter well in advance of the trip. Rental services available in Pirkanmaa:

You can also rent more special bicycles, such as a cargo bike, from the Tampereen polkupyöräilijät ry.

Paper map

You can pick up a paper map of the Lake Trails from the Frenckell Service Point (Mon-Fri 09:00 – 16:00) located at Frenckellinaukio 2 B, right in the centre of Tampere.

Visit Tampere - Tourist Information

Visit Tampere is the general source for tourism in the Tampere region, providing travel advice, tips, and much more. Contact Visit Tampere tourist information by emailing if.erepmattisiv@erepmattisiv or calling +358 3 5656 6800.


The routes pass over different types of road surfaces, including bike paths, gravel roads, asphalted main roads, and occasionally along the edge of a main thoroughfare. It is important to prioritize general safety and consider the condition of the road surface when travelling. In some remote areas there may be potholes or other hazards, so allowing for a leisurely schedule is always an advantage. However, for the most part, the condition of the roads on the Lake Trails is good.

Travel by boat or train

Hopealinjat takes cyclists to Lempäälä and Visavuori (Valkeakoski) on the Pyhäjärvi side. If you want to explore the Näsijärvi side, you can take the steamboat Tarjanne to Tampere, Murole, Ruovesi, Visuvesi, and Virrat.

Additionally, there are the boats M/S Nottbeck and M/S Intti cruising on Lake Näsijärvi, where you can sail to destinations such as Ylöjärvi’s Pimeensalmi and Teisko in Tampere.

You can board the train in Parkano, Sastamala, Sastamala’s Karkku, Lempäälä, Toijala, Nokia, Tampere, and Mänttä-Vilppula (the station name is just Vilppula).

Always remember to purchase a bicycle spot on the train and make your ship reservations well in advance.

What to bring on a bicycle trip?

In addition to the usual daily equipment, a water bottle, helmet, navigation device (e.g., mobile phone), and a first aid kit, it is good to remember to bring along at least the items listed below.

Please also check out the blog post from the link below:

Below you will find a short video (on YouTube) about packing for a bike trip, where you can pick up more tips.

Main partners


Get your snacks from the S-markets and Sale stores along the Lake Trails and pack them in your backpack. They also offer a selection of local products!


Safety is paramount even on local trips. So, be cautious on the road, wear helmets, and for worst-case scenarios, get travel insurance from LähiTapiola.


Tampere’s most popular tap product since 1898, fill up with guaranteed refreshing and rejuvenating water from Tampere!


Cycle aboard! What could be a more magnificent way to spend the summer than combining cycling and water travel? The Pyhä-Näsi cycling routes offer the most splendid opportunity for this on the waves of lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi. Purchase your Bike & Boat ticket from Hopealinja’s online store, and you’ll be one step closer to summer!

Other collaboration partners

Pelago Bicycles

Pelago Bicycles provides company bikes for the route team and the employees/members of the Löytöretkeilijät group. From Pelago’s versatile range, the route team uses the comfortable Bristol, which is excellent for leisurely bike trips, as well as the sportier Sibbo, catering to more athletic preferences.


With Gofinland, you can easily book your accommodation and experiences for your cycling holiday. Check out the accommodations along the routes, embark on your journey, and #feelfinland.

Lomalinja Oy

Lomalinja is the official tour operator partner for our test trip on the Elberadweg and is involved in developing cycling travel products for the Lake Trails.


Our key regional partner in media cooperation is Aamulehti’s Moro newspaper, with whom we have implemented various initiatives, including the “Löytöretkeilijä” campaign and the associated prize draws.