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Rauta: Rautaveden kierros

Suitable for the whole family, the Rautaveden kierros offers charming rural roads and plenty of small-town services. Along the route, there are convenient rest areas for various stages, scenic spots, cafes, restaurants, and attractions.

The same route is part of the St. Olav’s Land Route. The diverse, enchanting, and historical Rautaveden kierros weaves together numerous stories, great Finnish figures, and artists.

Note! Due to damages the Ely-keskus has closed off for repairs the ‘Kiuralan silta’ bridge, at least until autumn 2023.

For the Rauta: Rautaveden kierros we recommend turning left onto Kutalantie (at position 61.41944970973125, 23.09042243575308, turn left at the sign ‘3 Kutala’), then right onto Kärppäläntie (at position 61.41494728668229, 23.164666556342517, turn right at the sign ‘Kärpälä 5)) and continue until you reach Karkunkyläntie (at position 61.36747148650439, 23.076426160179658), cross this onto Hukkasentie, and you are back on track. Note that this adds 5 km to the route overall, and 11km extra of gravel.

Features: Day trip, Train station, Length: less than 50 km
Travel recommendation: The whole tour 1 day, or a day trip and 1 night with the little ones in the family.
Length: 41 km
Unpaved: 7,6 km (18,5%)
Meters uphill: 260 m
Cycling paths: 11,9 km (29,0%)
Municipalities: Sastamala