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Bike & boat adventure in Länsi-Teisko

The bike tour kicked off at the Kaffila restaurant in Aleksis Kiven katu for breakfast. June had been rather cool, but halfway through the month, the mercury soared to summer temperatures. My colleague and I were heading for a Bike & Boat trip to Länsi-Teisko. After breakfast, we hopped on our bikes and pedalled to […]

The Maisemareitti trail – for those who love history

I was already familiar with the Maisemareitti trail from a few years ago when the July warmth embraced us with a cloudless sky. Now, in early June, summer was still holding back, and the gloves I was wearing were a necessary accessory in the sunny but rather chilly fair weather. The Maisemareitti trail follows the […]

Pyhä: Koko kierros – A journey of tranquil roads and nostalgic reminiscences

Tampere, the bustling regional hub and capital city of Finland’s Pirkanmaa region. Nestled at the heart of Pirkanmaa, where the two majestic lakes unite at the Tammerkoski rapids, meandering through the city’s core, with Lake Näsijärvi to the north, and Lake Pyhäjärvi to the south. Behold the ‘Pyhä: Koko kierros’ – an adventure that beckons […]

Roine – A Summer day close to Kangasala

The Roine cycling route, part of the vast Lake Trails cycling network in Finland’s Pirkanmaa region, bears the name of the lake it encircles. Roine, a modestly sized body of water, stretches its watery arms across the Kangasala municipality, with a smaller portion nestled within Pälkäne. Within the realm of cultural and literary heritage, Roine […]

Bike & Rail trip to Mänttä-Vilppula 

The morning sun shone across an almost cloudless sky as I climbed the stairs towards platform 5 at Tampere Railway Station. June would begin with a Bike & Rail adventure!  In an initiative from the Visit Tampere led Sustainable Tourism Mobility project, testing is underway to assess the suitability of city bikes for tourism and […]

GPS, Navigation Apps, and Sites for Cyclists

Cycling has become an increasingly popular form of transportation and exercise. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, navigation apps can be a great tool to help you plan and navigate your routes. In this post, I’ll take a closer look at some of the cycling navigation apps and sites. The focus is […]

Art Route of Pinsiö

I started and ended the ring route to the beautiful scenery of Sasi village. I picked up my loyal travel companion Nishiki from the car´s bike rack and packed camera gear, a small backpack and a bottle of water. Sasintie provided an immediate uphill slope, but the scenery was so unbelievably beautiful that you could […]

Train & Bike & Boat to Mänttä-Vilppula Art Festival and Virrat village

For some time I had been thinking of a trip that would combine more aspects of “travelling on land” and of course, cycling at the forefront. So when the Mänttä Art Festival was popping up again and again in my mind, I thought it would be just the perfect destination.   I transferred my bicycle […]

Following I.K.Inha’s footsteps

I didn´t know much about I.K. Inha beforehand, but since I decided to start and follow his footsteps around Virrat lake sites I definitely was interested to get to know this past great Finnish photographer, writer, translator, journalist and nature lover. Day 1 Distance 12 km Early Tuesday morning I packed my bike and belongings […]

Following the footsteps of Finnish Nobel writer F.E. Sillanpää

June was about halfway through when I loaded an interesting new acquaintance to start up with – I had borrowed the Tunturi eForte electric bike from Pekan Pakomatkat, which is a bike rental company in Tampere (mainly renting electric bikes). So there I was facing a new thrill! The purpose of this trip was to […]