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Art Route of Pinsiö

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Hanna Eronen
Hanna Eronen
Ecological tourism expert


Näsi Lake trail

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I started and ended the ring route to the beautiful scenery of Sasi village.

I picked up my loyal travel companion Nishiki from the car´s bike rack and packed camera gear, a small backpack and a bottle of water. Sasintie provided an immediate uphill slope, but the scenery was so unbelievably beautiful that you could hardly notice the hill.

I remembered that somewhere here had been chosen the “Most beautiful landscape of Finland”. After less than four kilometers I spotted wood artworks by the roadside, from which I realized that I had arrived in Pinsiö and Urkin Piilopirtti. The cyclists were welcomed with glass art sculptures and a variety of wooden figures. Really exotic!

There was an art sauna on the beach, and a tourist staying here could find the presence of art in hotel rooms and even in the dining tables. I even found our former president Urho Kekkonen’s face on the hotel front wall. So Urkin Piilopirtti is truly a comprehensive art and nature hotel. In this way, for a day-hiker, the place offers wonder at the artwork of the outdoors.


Urkin Piilopirtti is a special and fascinating place. Every place has a lot of nature art.

When I left the yard, I had to stop just almost immediately as there was a crowd of wooden people standing by the roadside. The big sign read “Pinsiö Art Park“. I parked my bike and walked through this tiny forest miracle, striking all kinds of special characters and wood sculptures. What a quiet crowd and an exciting atmosphere.

Pinsiö Art Park welcomes bike riders along the Sasintie and is worth a tour.

Just five minutes by bicycle from Pinsiö Art Park, the sign “Up and Under” came across the road. I steered up a gentle uphill and sat down at a lean on shelter where a family was cooking sausage and enjoying a sunny summer day.

From that high ridge, I admired the view from below and already from here, the rather impressive ”Up and Under” -earth art. I couldn’t wait to get on my bike, so I said goodbye to the nice family and got back on the road.

Finally I got into and actually really inside the art itself: I was biking the tunnels which were delightfully cool as July had now finally returned to its warm, normal state. That was such a fun and wonderful place! In addition, a few families circled on the spot, the children climbing onto the roofs of the tunnels and peeking through the roof openings. Talk and laughter echoed in the tunnel hallways.

Now I headed toward the Tree Mountain.

I knew beforehand that Tree Mountain was also a piece of “earth art” and was located very close to that previous object. I came down a gravelly hill toward a rising slope in front of me. The mountain ascended like a small pyramid and could easily be captured on foot. Or, actually, the path was quite steep near the summit, but the law of the mountain was a fun place to explore the surrounding landscape. I had learned from the sign below that each of these pines had its own owner and that there were trees by Martti Ahtisaari and George Bush, among others.
In addition, according to the mathematical formula, trees planted on a gravel hill form both spiral arches on slopes and straight rows from top to bottom. Unique nature art. And long-term, I wonder.


Below Tree Mountain you will find guidance and narration on the artwork.
After seeing this miracle, I continued on my southward path, now a sandy section of Rajantie to Manuahteentie, where my next destination, Villa Alpaca, was waiting.


Despite its name, there were 4 very kind llamas and no alpacas. The farm owner took me directly to the enclosure, as these girls were reportedly very gentle. I was a little excited, but then I caressed the big charming creatures. Their eyes were so big and tender. I was surely under hypnosis.

Llama girls were Larissa, Gloria, Grace and Garsina, the owner introduced. Villa Alpaca was a nice place anyway – you can come here with prior notice as there is no on-call service, but if you contact them in time you can come to pet the llamas or even go out to eat as long as it is ordered beforehand. The Farm also includes an on-demand restaurant. Also, the yard is very large and allows a wide range of activities for larger groups.

Llama is a kind and curious animal, especially these younger guys.

Goodbye, you wonderful creatures!
I continued down towards the sandy serpentine roads to the south. Scenery of the Hopeatie really served the eye-candy of a rural traveler in Pirkanmaa – hay fields, birch trees and horses on the field.  Oh July …

The winding road eventually changed to asphalt when I turned to Pinsiöntie. Now the direction was Siuro and there again art, Ossi Somma´s Art Garden.

After all, I’d already been there (see the blog Following the footsteps of Finnish Nobel writer F.E. Sillanpää) so I knew exactly where to go. The yard of the sculpture park was completely shady and lovely cool as the heat of the day slowly upped the heat.

After Ossi Somma´s Art Garden you can also visit to the nearby Knuutila Manor, where you can also stay overnight.

I was now very hungry so I cycled to the Siuro’s Koski Bar, where the terrace was full of sun-lovers and many cyclists like me. Sun was shining and from the terrace you could watch eager fishermen on the rapids.

I didn’t see any fish gotten caught, but it was only a matter of time. After my well-deserved pizza refueling, I rode a little bit forward to Siuro Beach and cooled off in the wonderfully cool water. Day was so warm.


Siuron Koski Bar is an oasis for a hungry traveler.

There was only 12 kilometers left of my trail to Mihari beach and from there a short cycling to my car at sasi Village.

I soon found myself wondering what Mahnala’s fresh strawberries would taste like after pizza and swimming, as Mihari was located almost next that gigantic strawberry heaven, Mahnala´s many strawberry fields… This delightful idea took off on the highway as I rolled on towards the ‘strawberry heaven’ as the warm breeze gently pushed me forward,


The water at Mihari beach was inviting, and it was worth a dip.

The summer kiosk at Mihari Beach has apparently closed down as it was also closed for the second time when I arrived here.

But no panic. Soon I would have a mouthful of sweet strawberries.

There were a couple of swimmers on the beach like me, and the horizon looked like it was going to show us the signs of heaven – bumpy cloud formations were beginning to gather over the lake, really heavy looking dark clouds. The heat rose. Now into the water!

With my hair wet, I swept the Maisematie towards the Mahnala berry farms for one and a half kilometers – and, oh yeah … The reward was great. The Polka Strawberry provided the full value for all of these expectations.

Fingers and mouth in red I set off on the way back, now towards Sasi. I had soon completed my ”Art Tour” and one funny situation still crowned it:

for some reason unknown to me right after the strawberry farm, a young man stood by the Maisematie and played an electric guitar, frantically and clearly enjoying of his own performance. This short and fast passing situation left a good and inspired mind – summer and warmth are good for humans.


Great and awesome! And so sweet …

Just over a quarter to the car and a wonderful day trip was made.

Art, swimming, llamas and big strawberries. What more could you even wish for a perfect summer day?