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Hanna Eronen
Hanna Eronen
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Näsi Lake trail

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The first week of September overwhelmed us all by its consistent warmth. Well, here we are already in autumn and look at the benefits: no mosquitoes, wasps or any other injects – only soft wind and warmed up lakes after the long and exhausting summer. Sounds like a biker´s paradise.


 Day 1. Distance 83 km

The Coast Road (Rantatie) has been this area’s all time classic, and I had decided to investigate its abundant treasures. I had been biking all summer and now it was already September, but no worry – in Finland we have many times just amazing autumns and, in my opinion, it´s just one of the best months to travel. But just remember to check that all the services you need are open. That´s very important.

The weather report mentioned such positive numbers that first I left home with my t-shirt on, but it took a while before the day started to get warmer. It was still early morning. First I rode to Ylöjärvi and visited Ylöjärvi city’s fresh pride and joy: the legendary Finnish Eppu Normaali band´s monument called Alamökki at the town hall´s yard. I was not alone there but we all had our own moments to photograph this newcomer.

Eppu Normaali band´s monument at the center of Ylöjärvi city is worth to visit.

From here I continued north and on my way I made a pitstop at The Finnish Museum of Cooling Technology which is the only museum of its kind in Finland. Actually, there is no other large refrigeration museum in whole Europe. This place is normally open only at summertime (and only some Sundays) so I had made contact earlier so I could visit the museum. Gosh it was nice to be inside in such coolness, because day temperature kept on rising all the time. From here I continued more north and stopped for lunch at Mutalan Helmi (Mutala´s Pearl) which was satisfying but I skipped the dessert because I already dreamed about the next place I was heading to…

Suojärvi Chocolate Farm in the middle of Finnish countryside.

In the middle of charming countryside stands Suojärvi Chocolate factory and Café. These handmade chocolates by the family-run Suojärvi Chocolate factory are produced in a hundred-year-old farm. And of course I had to taste all those different fondants… You can enjoy your sweets and delicacies at the coffee shop or consider buying souvenirs – I did both.

It was time to leave and now towards north again.

With all this new energy (and sugar high) I decided to make my road a bit longer so I took a road to Karhe so I could avoid the bigger roads as much as possible. This cost me some 5 km extra but day was pretty and I was just boosted with chocolate energy so no worries! These small sandy trails finally took me back to 65-road (which I had tried to avoid) and after about 7 km I was able to hop off from it, since I turned towards Parkkuu.

My little extra loop took me to Karhe village and it´s beautiful sceneries.

Day started to wind down when I finally arrived at Ala-Toikko Farm. This place offered a nice cottage for travellers, but for a longer stay. Their cosy and spacious log cottage by the lake Näsijärvi offers you both modern conveniences and pure nature right on your doorstep. In June-August, log cabins are rented for at least a week. For a shorter stay you can also rent the nearby Toivo hut which includes sauna. And if you happen to visit here during strawberry season you want to book your strawberry picking time beforehand because those delicacies are gone in the blink of an eye!

Ala-Toikko Farm´s cottage Puntari offers a great view over the lake Näsijärvi.

There was still one last leg left for today and evening already started to arrive when I hopped on my bike again and steered towards Kuru village and the Keihäs Farm (Keihään Tila). This was the place where I was going to stay overnight and for the first time in my life I was going to sleep in yurt! But before that I visited Kuru´s shop to buy some evening snacks.

Warm sauna was waiting for me when I arrived in near pitch darness. I sat in very relaxing warmth and went to swim from time to time. Then, only with few pulls I had taken the boat to the island where the yurt was. I carried my gear inside the yurt and started the fire and lighted up candles. The place was just magical. I felt so lucky to be able to experience a place like this. Alone in a small island inside a private yurt.

I went swimming from the sauna and in front of me I could see the island where I was about to stay overnight in yurt.

Day 2. Distance 50 km

The night was cool inside the yurt and I slept well. After waking up I put the fire in the tiny fireplace again, cleaned up and took my gear to the boat. In the farm´s yard there´s a “outdoor kitchen” where you can cook your own breakfast or meal. It was time say goodbye again to this fairy-tale world and now I headed to the east – finally I was at the end of the big lake Näsijärvi and I was able to start going around it.

I was getting closer to Murole. This village is known for its canal which is used even by bigger boats like steamship Tarjanne. HINT: Summertime you can also take a boat from Tampere to Murole and start your biking trip from here.  Or sail even further to Virrat. Since it was now September the Murole´s Summer Cafe by the canal was closed, but from June to August it´s usually full of people from day to night, because they also have live gigs and concerts. I passed the canal and the bridge and continued now towards south. Now I finally was on the other side of Näsijärvi lake!

Niemi-Kapee Farm located at the cape so you could see the Näsijärvi lake in various directions.

My next stop was Niemi-Kapee Farm which was situated in amazing spot – you could actually see the lake in three directions. This Farm rents out cottages and cabins over the summer season but mostly for a longer rent. Alhough I heard that cyclists could rent also a smaller cottage for one-night as well.

Tarmac road took me futher south and I accidently almost passed Murole´s Village House that serves a lunch every Wednesday at 12-14. It cost only 10 euros and I sat there eating happily (cabbage stew and Swiss rolls) and chatting among all other villagers and travellers.

Passing big sunflower fields sun in my face and wind in the hair I reached early my today´s destination Murikanranta which is a hotel located at the shore on lake Näsijärvi. I took my room and a long bath. Then I went to eat buffet dinner (delicious) and quite soon I was ready to bed.

Sunflower fields of Teisko.

Day 3. Distance 40 km

After very fulfilling breakfast I continued my travel south and to the Teisko Winery. This was my last travelling day and so far, all the other times last days had always been rainy. But now it looked like it’s going be an exception!

The Teisko Winery is a farm where you can find wines, hot drinks and liqueurs made from the raw materials of Finnish nature. The selection includes eight different wines, three sparkling wines and three liqueurs. You can buy products or taste samples. Everything is hand made. There is also a shop where you can buy local products also from other producers.

Teisko Winery is open September from Thursday to Sunday, and you can have excellent service here.

After some tasting and snacks was time to say goodbye. This was actually my last target for this trip so now it was only heading home. I had 30 km left.

The scenery of Teisko´s charming countryside landscapes escorted me towards Tampere city and I was thinking about the whole 3 day trip – how kind and warm all the new people I had met had been and how many beautiful places there are in our home hoods if we just go out and look.